Mithila Palkar Biography: Instagram, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Husband, Family, Height, Snapchat, Youtube

In the vibrant realm of Indian entertainment, a name that has been garnering attention and stealing hearts is none other than Mithila Palkar. Mithila Palkar height is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), weight is 110 pounds (50 kg) and figure measurements are 32-28-32.

Mithila Palkar Biography
Mithila Palkar Biography

Here is a list of Mithila Palkar Movies and Web Series


Movie Character
Majha Honeymoon (2014) Rujuta (Marathi)
Katti Batti (2015) Koyal Kabra (Hindi)
Muramba (2017) Indu (Marathi)
Karwaan (2018) Tanya (Hindi)
Chopsticks (2019) Nirma Sahastrabudhe (Hindi)
A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (2020) Babysitter from India (English)
Tribhanga (2021) Masha (Hindi)
Ori Devuda (2022) Anu Paulraj (Telugu)
Mithila Palkar Biography

Web Series

Series Character/Appearance
Girl in the City (2016–2021) Meera Sehgal (3 seasons)
Little Things (2016–2021) Kavya Kulkarni (4 seasons)
Official Chukyagiri (2016) Mili
Pretty Fit (2020) Appearance
Masaba Masaba (2020) Cameo appearance (Season 1)
Mithila Palkar Biography

The Early Spark:

Mithila Palkar, born on January 11, 1993, in Mumbai, India, embarked on her artistic journey at a young age. With a family background rooted in performing arts, Mithila’s destiny seemed intertwined with the world of creativity. Her grandmother, a renowned Marathi theater actress, and her grandfather, a classical and folk music aficionado, laid the foundation for her passion for the arts.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Breakthrough with the Cup Song:

Mithila first captured the spotlight when she uploaded a cover of the popular “Cup Song” on YouTube. Her infectious enthusiasm and soulful rendition caught the attention of viewers, quickly going viral. This marked the beginning of her tryst with the digital world and laid the groundwork for her foray into mainstream entertainment.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Web Series Triumphs:

Mithila’s transition from online platforms to mainstream media was seamless, with her breakthrough in the web series arena. Her portrayal of the quirky and endearing character ‘Meera’ in the Marathi web series “Girl in the City” garnered widespread acclaim. The success of the series catapulted her into the limelight, making her a household name among web series enthusiasts.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Bollywood Debut:

The entertainment industry took note of Mithila’s talent, and soon Bollywood came knocking. Her Bollywood debut in 2018 with the film “Karwaan” alongside Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salmaan was a testament to her acting prowess. Mithila effortlessly charmed audiences with her refreshing screen presence and carved a niche for herself in the competitive film industry.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Versatility Personified:

What sets Mithila Palkar apart is her versatility as an artist. From web series to films, from acting to singing, she has donned multiple hats with finesse. Her ability to seamlessly switch between different mediums and genres showcases her depth as a performer. Whether it’s a heartfelt drama or a light-hearted comedy, Mithila brings authenticity and relatability to her roles.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Beyond the Screen:

Mithila’s influence extends beyond the screen. An advocate for authenticity and self-expression, she uses her platform to encourage people to embrace their uniqueness. Her social media presence reflects a genuine and down-to-earth persona, making her a role model for many aspiring artists.

Mithila Palkar Biography

Future Endeavors:

As Mithila continues to ascend the ladder of success, her fans eagerly anticipate her future projects. With a promising career ahead, she stands as a symbol of the evolving landscape of Indian entertainment, where talent and authenticity reign supreme.

All you need to know about Mithila Palkar

Mithila Palkar Biography
Age 31 years old, as of January 2024. Born on 11 January 1993.
Height 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).
Weight 110 pounds (50 kg).
Mithila Palkar Biography
Figure Measurements are 32-28-32.
Bikini Size 32 inches.
Waist Size 28 inches.
Hip Size 32 inches.
Mithila Palkar Biography
Husband Not married yet.
Boyfriend Relationship status is private. According to reports, she is not dating anyone.
Sister Radhika Palkar.
Mithila Palkar Biography
Net Worth Around 7 Million USD (Rs. 55 crores).
Mithila Palkar Biography
Mithila Palkar Biography
Birthday 11 January 1993.
Birthplace Born in Mumbai, India.
Tattoo Not having any tattoo on her body.
Mithila Palkar Biography


In the ever-evolving tapestry of Indian entertainment, Mithila Palkar has emerged as a beacon of talent and authenticity. Her journey from the digital realm to mainstream cinema is not just a testament to her individual success but also reflects the changing dynamics of the industry. As Mithila continues to shine, her story inspires countless others to chase their dreams and redefine what it means to be a star in the world of entertainment.

Mithila Palkar Biography


Background in the entertainment industry Mithila Palkar is an Indian actress, singer, and YouTuber who gained recognition through her web series debut in 2016 with "Girl in the City." Her background includes acting, singing, and creating content across various digital platforms.
Venture into singing and notable projects Showcased her singing talent through the YouTube series "Little Things" and contributed to the soundtrack of the Bollywood film "Karwaan" (2018) with the song "Dil Ka Diagha."
Initial popularity on the digital platform Mithila Palkar gained prominence with her role in "Girl in the City" (2016), where her portrayal of Meera Sehgal resonated with audiences, establishing her as a rising star in digital entertainment.
Eye Color Dark brown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hair Color Black
Favorite Food Cupcakes and desserts
Vegetarian No
Favorite Color Pink

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